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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
There is lot more to professional snowboarding than being a sponsored rider. Every AASI certified snowboard instructor is technically a professional snowboarder hence why instructors get "proforms" through companies to rep their gear. Also, you keep making assumptions about the man when you do not know him. I do and he is no "kid sitting in his moms basement" The guy has been snowboarding since the 1980`s and has been involved in the industry for at least 2 decades, has been directly involved in snowboard design and production.

I am not going to say his style of communication is my style but I know the man personally and 90% of this he will say to your face and in person you get a whole different perspective of his meaning.....

Stop making assumptions about a person you do not know.
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do they even make chaps with asses?
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I think they call them pants
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