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Originally Posted by mike9998 View Post
okay thanks everyone, im a big enough guy as it is so i have no problems going fast on any board im 6'4 250. so if im looking for a board to have fun on i should look at the regular custom and the cx for just going fast?
Dude at 6'4 250lbs you would probably find that custom x felt the same to you as the custom feels to many of those who have posted on this topic. Im a big ass guy as well and i ride a berzerker, i find it really responsive and at the same time when i fuck up its flexy enough that i dont eat shit, yet my mate who is a good 80lbs lighter finds it waaay too stiff.

If you want the x get it, or take some advice from people who are a similar weight to you, that way you get a true indication of what it will feel like.
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