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Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Paranoia is a sickness.
How many Police states have we been through? In how many years?
Being naive must also be a sickness. Think of countries that have never experienced oppression, now think of those who have. Think of countries that were once or are free, now look up how they achieved it. Think of a people who were oppressed, think of what gave their oppressors an advantage. For the most part, the conclusion arrived to is force.

You're living in a magically world if you think that we are not closer to tyranny than we've ever been as a country. Although we may be far off, but a fool believes that it can never happen to us. I can think of many moments in History where an armed underdog may have prevented tragedies, first thought was of many of the holocausts that have taken place.

It's easy to focus on the small and unfortunately often close downsides, when the massive upside seems implausible and can be written off as paranoia. History teaches us otherwise. Perhaps we are no where near facing a tyrannical state, but to give up those rights now does not help whatever situation may arise 100 years from now. However, if you think the world will always be some magical place, I'm wasting my time.

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson

Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Oh yeah, like that would help, Me-gun vs lots of military-police people with more guns?
I would prefer to use my incredibly bad ass ninja skills to kick some ass.

Can armed citizens defeat an heavily armed government with better trained thugs? Yes, history has taught us it is absolutely possible (should I name the obvious example?). It's even more hard for said government to disrupt it's own, and as history has also taught us, the first step to this is to disarm the populace. Many of us take freedom very seriously, and have no problem killing and being killed in order to ensure they're own freedom and especially those of their families. You may chalk it up to paranoia and some of us definitely are, but I say the vast majority are being realistic about the future.

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