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Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Geez, "magical world" When did I say anything about magical world?
Ha, Did I say you said anything about a magical world? I said, if you believe what has happened in the past cannot happen again, then you sir, must live in a magical world. Reading comprehension is vital if we're going to try to have a civil and fun debate.

Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Your calling me naive? because I expressed an opinion?
Now to the serious points.
In a similar way of you calling someone paranoid, remember that?

Originally Posted by goyo View Post

"You're living in a magically world if you think that we are not closer to tyranny than we've ever been as a country. Although we may be far off"
So which is it? closer or far off??
It can be both. Again man, reading comprehension. Let me break it down for you. If you're a million miles from home, but you travel a thousand miles closer. You're closer than before, but still far off.

If you'd like me to explain it in another way, please ask.

Originally Posted by goyo View Post
"Think of countries that have never experienced oppression, now think of those who have. Think of countries that were once or are free"
Exactly my point. If we werent free I would definately want a gun.
But we are free!
Can you rephrase that please? It sounds like you're saying, we should ban guns now, then if our government tries to oppress us, we should then unban them? Is that what you're saying there? Do you see the flaw in that at all?

Originally Posted by goyo View Post

"if you think the world will always be some magical place, I'm wasting my time"
Magical place?? Far from it. so your not wasting your time
Ok perfect. So you realize history has taught us that there are very valid and crucial times where the average citizen should be armed.

I'm reminded of another Thomas Jefferson quote, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.".

Originally Posted by goyo View Post
"Can armed citizens defeat and heavily armed government with better trained thugs? Yes, history has taught us it is absolutely possible"
Yeap, maybe with a rifle that had 1 shot and a knife, or a machine gun that you had to wait for it to cool down.
This day in time, technology, you would loose thousands for tens.
Dont you go red dawning on us now... haha
Its like saying I kick trices ass at all mountain, yeah, it can happen, if I train hard enough, it can happen.
You're wrong my friend. It's much harder to control an armed populace than you think. Think of the last 10 years with not only the on going conflicts directly involving the U.S. but other parts of the world as well. I also know from first hand experience.
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