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Originally Posted by tdn View Post
Aren't there are over 20 million legal gun owners in the U.S.? Remind me how many of them killed anyone today? Yesterday? This month? Year? There are probably less than a hundredth of 1% of legal gun owners who have killed anyone outside of self defense this entire year, maybe longer. If you think any of us are going to go crazy on you, wouldn't that make you the paranoid one?

I'm worried it's people like you, who have a misunderstanding of history and the second amendment, will go crazy in regards to my rights.
He did only mention handguns, and I would like to see the numbers of self-defence instances where a handgun has helped compared to the number of murders/threats with a handgun.

I see this as more of a plea against handguns, not the 2nd amendment as a whole, just like the plea against automatic weapons after that movie theater slaughter.

This is not sarcastic or malicious, but can someone enlighten me on what, other than "protection," a handgun is used for? And don't say hunting...

I see where Costas is coming from, but I don't necessarily agree.

I get rifles and shotguns, but what are handguns used for, other than to extinguish human life? I think that is where all this comes from.

In case the above statements make you think otherwise, I am all about anything that reduces the human population and impact we have on our planet.

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