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Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Fanatic are you.
There you go:
"Every year just over 30,000 people die in the US from gunshot wounds. Every two years more US citizens are killed by gunshot wounds than were lost in the entire Vietnam war"

How many gunshot deaths occur each year in the US

Dont you worry about me. Worry about those other 20 million legal gun owners. If you piss them off they kill you.
I would just beat your ass.
Hey, using your own link.

30,000 die a year from gun shot wounds out of a population of 310,000,000.

30000/310000000 * 100 = .0097% die from gunshot wounds.

Keep in mind most of those are suicides right?

So 8000 a year die from homicide.

8000/310000000 * 100 = .0025% of the population are killed by guns.

Check my math, I can barely subtract most of the time

Looks like I was right in that it's less than a hundredth of 1%, in fact, it's much less.

Thanks for the link!

Here's a link for you with sources.

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