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Originally Posted by goyo View Post
Nice and strong argument.
Im all for respecting the rights of others.
But incidents like the one that happened on saturday makes you think.
Lets now imagine that magical world we're talking about.
No guns whatsoever.
You think the guy would have killed his girlfriend some other way? knife? archery? poison? Maybe but I think less likable.
For him to commit suicide? Probably, jumping of a bridge, etc.
How many deaths could be avoided?
Would those deaths be worth to be waiting for a police state?
We would never know...
If the U.S. didn't have cars, we could avoid suicides, drunk driving and accidental deaths. People in cars kill more people than people with guns. However, you'd be screwing over all the drivers who don't kill people, just like you'd be restricting the greatly vast majority of gun owners who don't kill people, all for in reality, a minuscule problem in the U.S. that gets blown out of proportion by the media. Some will probably argue of the importance of cars in our society, I argue the importance of preserving Liberty.

Don't get me wrong man. I'm not being insensitive. I absolutely hate violent criminals and I feel for the victims, but violent crimes will always occur because the actions are rooted within people, not the tool they use. By putting restrictions on those tools, you're just restricting the freedoms that 99% of those people who don't commit crimes with those tools.

Besides, a world where guns don't exist is no longer possible. What is possible, is a world where the law abiding don't have guns and criminals do and this is exactly what I'm trying to prevent.

Edit: For what it's worth, I think all the time and energy the anti gun crowd use would do much more good fighting for raising education standards throughout the country. I believe a great reducer of crime is education, not banning inanimate objects.

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