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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
You can name names. If it's an honest feeling, bring it up. You may or may not be referring to me but I will gladly address your point which is a valid one. You're right to a degree. As I said earlier, this is not a democracy and not all members are equal. Not going to deny it nor apologize for it. There are interpersonal dynamics going here that a new member cannot possibly understand. In time though new members become veteran members and the dynamics become clear and understandable.

Length of membership is actually a small component in determining an individual's worth to the community. As an example, I just 86'd a shit stain that was one of the earliest members. It is really about contribution. Does a member bring something of value to the table? Do they help folks? Are they knowledgeable? Do they post great trip reports? Or are they constantly causing problems and being idiots and douchebags? You get the idea. As evidenced from my action, I don't care if a person has been here since the site went online, if all they bring to the table is trolling and douchebaggery, they are worth about as much as used shit paper. I always give them a few chances to chill out and heed the warnings but when they then give me the middle finger, they are flushed because to me they are just another turd in the sewer of life.

Think about what has gone on here as an example. Neither you or old dog have been threatened with banning. I and the moderator fully understand that the dynamics here is a learning curve. You're certainly not the first person to tangle with BA and you won't be the last. We see damn near every new member go through the process. You should have seen the fucking epic shit show my first encounter with BA was years ago!!! Over the years though I figured out the dynamics and we gradually grew to respect each other and I am proud to call the guy a friend!

You know that on most forums, the moderators would have just banned without asking any questions. It takes a lot to get banned from here so while at first this seemingly uneven handed moderating may seem unfair, the payoff is that when member proves themselves, they are in the country club for pretty much as long as they want to be.

Your observation and opinion is valid and not unimportant. The one thing about this site that you will learn is that can be totally honest with anyone including the moderators and admins. As long as you have not spent the last 5 or 6 years being a douche to everyone, you don't have anything to worry about and we all have bad days and we understand that. It really is a great community so stick around. I'm not supposed to reveal this but when NA is calling you a fucktard and telling you to go drink bleach, he's got an impish grin on! It's a little bit like when an Aussie calls someone a wanker or a cunt; it's really good natured banter!
Thanks for clearing that up Snowolf. I get what you're saying.
Hey, are you British? I am, and I recognize some of your terms (mum, wanker, etc.)
Or are you Canadian and that's just how they speak?
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