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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Some other people though (and not naming names) are showing signs of being on this forum just to get in fights. Sooner or later, the ban hammer will fall...
That's why I try to help the noobs between my outbursts w/ snowolf!

Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Fair enough. However, there will still be arguments. Especially when the beginning of the season isn't panning out well
Speak for yourself! I just got back from a trip in the rockies, we have all the snows here eh? Come to Canada you can party like it's 1952!

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Does a member bring something of value to the table? Do they help folks? Are they knowledgeable? Do they post great trip reports? Or are they constantly causing problems and being idiots and douchebags? You get the idea. As evidenced from my action, I don't care if a person has been here since the site went online, if all they bring to the table is trolling and douchebaggery, they are worth about as much as used shit paper. I always give them a few chances to chill out and heed the warnings but when they then give me the middle finger, they are flushed because to me they are just another turd in the sewer of life.

Think about what has gone on here as an example. Neither you or old dog have been threatened with banning. I and the moderator fully understand that the dynamics here is a learning curve. You're certainly not the first person to tangle with BA and you won't be the last. We see damn near every new member go through the process.
Why haven't I been flushed yet? Hmmm, maybe I need to go tangle with BA that I haven't done yet. Maybe my lack of Burton hate has kept me safe...

Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
Being from British Columbia, I would have thought you already smoked your brain away.
Being from BC they're all trying to scheme a way to tap into our oil money! While at the same time as tourists in their resort towns I hear them say things behind our backs (okay maybe just mine). FUCK YOU BC WE'RE KEEPING OUT OIL BITCHES!!! Oh and right now the snow is better in Alberta... Just sayin... Went to KH on Sunday. It was okay up top, horrible down below. Lake Louise today and the whole mountain is in good shape.

Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post runs more than a few forums that I frequent (i ride a sportbike, so i get around to a couple of them), but this one does have more adolescents (of varying ages) ranting and insulting one another on it than I see on others.
I was on car forums before forums were around. We had an e-mail group where EVERY e-mail went to EVERYONE all the time! If you had a good e-mail program it would sort the e-mails by subject and you could deal with them as threads in a way. There were certainly some people that had heated discussions back then too. I've been on MANY car forums and also on a sportbike forum. I think in general since you're going to be 16+ (and probably a lot older than that on the forums I was on (Old Celica Club, Yamaha FZ6 club, Toyota MR2 Club, etc.)) you'll get a crowd that has a little different dynamic than a snowboarding forum.

Yes we get some of the good people out there on this forum, but we also get all the gapers, noobs, punks, etc. out of the woodwork. The fun part is seeing them crash and burn!!!
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