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Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post
Do you mean that I am one of a couple of folks that bother with legitimate criticism of the site, as opposed to posting "OMG snowforum suxx goat azz"?

Since you ask... I am still here, but less and less so. Besides the gripes I have already voiced, this site is starting to get as bad as myspace with all of the rollover popups and ads.

Regarding TGR and Epic... I really don't think there is much of a comparison between the content on TGR and the content here, or the general attitude on Epic and the general attitude here. Neither site is perfect, but this forum routinely combines the worse aspects of the other two. Go ahead and glance at first page of threads on either site and then come back here and do the same.
Why do you even post here you've admitted time and again you don't even snowboard.
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