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Originally Posted by seant46 View Post
Yes some members get treated better for trolling behavior but this forum still kicks ass though I like the general vibe around here
Let me help you with that. Imagine you're with a group of friends and you're talking smack at each other. Anyone listening in might think you were about to pull guns any moment, but you all know it's in fun, and it's really kind of a ritual. Now some bozo that no-one knows steps up and starts giving one or more of you the same kind of lip. Will you put up with it, or will you collectively give him a lesson in manners?

This forum is a "good-ol'-boys/girls" club to the extent that it's a community, and the regular people know each other. And by "know", I mean a lot of them are face-to-face friends, ride together, know each other by name, etc.

Where we run into problems is some noob comes on, thinks the trash-talk is the way to fit in, and starts insulting people right and left. And it's not "just in fun" when it's a stranger. You have to earn the right to talk to me that way.

The point is that when you join a community like this, you should spend some time on the sidelines figuring out the vibe, and who's who, and what's acceptable. Doing otherwise shows bad manners or poor judgement and gets treated as such.

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