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I can't believe I just read through all 17 pages of this thread... I mean it's better than doing the work I'm supposed to be doing right now but I feel like I read through one of these every 6 months where someone gets butt hurt about something bans get threatened etc. The bottom line is this is the internet, everyone is tough behind a computer. Some people intentionally build their personalities on the internet a certain way because they have a specific agenda or brand they are trying to promote others are just straight up assholes and their internet persona is the same as who they are others are as nice as they appear etc. It is what it is, people need to either get over it or move on.

I've been through multiple forums with a lot of the key players in this conversation as well and while I'm way less active here now than I was a couple of years ago it blows my mind that some people haven't figured out how to interact with each other and keep it copacetic.

As far as MPD goes, Wolfie I know you two don't get along and haven't for about as long as I can remember but he's banned now... at this point there's no need to take shots at someone who can no longer defend himself. I'm not saying he's right or wrong or you're right or wrong because again I get the overall dynamic but like I said to take digs at a guy who has helped organize multiple in person, group meets of people on this forum is just not right and can't say anything in his own defense is not the right way to handle things.

Overall this site is way better handled by the mods and admins as well as most of the regular members than most forums you'll see. As for someone's post about there not being as much valuable content right now, as the season progresses you'll start seeing more quality content being put up. The summer and fall are the worst times for this forum as it's all about what gear should I buy and I'm ordering my boots mail order because nobody sells them near me type of shit. By January you'll get more of the lessons, trip reports and overall flame war content about what rider is killing it and how much Shaun White sucks etc.
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