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Reviving a thread from the dead instead of starting my own...

I had LASIK done 4 years ago. Was -4.5 or so in each eye and went to better than 20/20 post-op. Now my eyes have regressed to the point where I need glasses again. I had the surgery at 27 but my eyes may have still been degrading prior to the surgery.

SO... I'm going to do a touch up in a month or so. Various sources suggest different times off from snowboarding. Seems the general consensus is 1 week off and you can go back as long as you wear eye protection (but who really boards without goggles that calls themselves a snowboarder? )

Anybody had it done recently? What did you doc tell you about snowboarding off time? I'm thinking of having it done on a Monday so I can head back to the hill the next weekend. I need to beat my number of days record from last year!
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