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Originally Posted by SnowRock View Post
This is even more perplexing given his suggestions of checking out Epic Ski or TGR.

Epic Ski has virtually nothing in the way of snowboard specific discussion... not a bad place for perspective on locations from what I imagine are mostly middle aged professionals, but other than that, not anything like what you get here on snowboarding.
The content on Epic is on par with the content here; perhaps even more mundane on Epic most of the time.... What ski should I get, who makes the best base layers, why do snowboarders hit me all the time, etc etc.

When more general snow-sports related topics do come up (resort expansion, resort reviews, back/side country, ski movies, etc) the tone of the discussion is typically a couple of notches above what you find here in terms of tone, civility and perspective. As you said yourself, the fact that lots of middle aged folks frequent the forums.

The main reason I go there when is because I know that I won't be subjected to reading yo-mama jokes/flames that go on for 2-3 pages.

And TGR, while a place I enjoying checking out, is not a forum for the <20 a day a year resort rider. Just isn't. What benefit is that forum really for someone on the snow 5-10 days a year? Or the new to the sport rider?
TGR has more information and experience on it in just one of its forum than this entire site has. Uh, why wouldn't any rider benefit from reading posts by a large variety of very seasoned, experienced folks? Your question doesn't make any sense to me. I might read this forum to find out what NS's latest decks are for the current season.... but I read TGR to find out (or keep up with) what has been going on with ski/snow sports and resorts in general.

[For sure there is some nonsense here.. as someone who has ridden since '93 but was out of the game for a bit, this place was super valuable to me to get caught up on the what's what in snowboarding when I dove back in.
To each their own. I won't deny that there is useful information here, especially for the new rider who hasn't had any 1st hand exposure to the sport (and I said as much in my last post). However I find this place less useful and much more tedious to deal with than back in ~2008 when I started riding.

So either I'm still some clueless noob that still can't exit a lift properly, meaning that board has dumbed itself down over the past few years.....

...or maybe reading a thread about backhanding gapers on the mountain ( just isn't interesting to me anymore because I've been there/done that enough to be bored with it.

A lot of people here are perfectly happy with the current state of this site. Good for them. I'm not. I think it is in a rut and I think one easy way to get it out of its rut is to keep it from becoming 4chan.

Read on another forum: "If someone held a gun to my head and said, "You have to move to Salida tomorrow", I'd probably do it. If they told me I had to go to Breckenridge instead, I think I'd just let them pull the trigger."
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