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first off: i love what these guys are doing, but i thought this vid was lacking. camera work is just so-so when compared to all the big-budget stuff we get to see these days (i realize these guys aren't TGR/redbull funded and all that, but still)

the riding is ok, but there was too much time-lapse stuff, and not enough narration. they should have told more of a story about why/how they were up there, maybe highlight more of the provo bros lifestyle and what motivates them to live the lives they do - especially when the riding isn't really in the JJ/X/Trice echelon (i also realize that some people may prefer the omitting of this stuff)

i don't really have any desire to watch skiers in a 'snowboard' vid.

the steelhead fishing they did was pretty meh. all fish in that vid looked like they were caught on bobbers... as a steelheader i understand how hard these fish can be to get into so i understand why people bobber fish them on fly rods, but i wouldn't put a bobber caught fish on vid like its some shit...inferior to fish caught on a swung fly on every level. you pretty much have to be a steelhead flyfisherman to know what i'm talking about here, but even trout guys should get what i'm talking about.
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