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I can't believe there's actually still a debate about this!?! If anyone still reading thinks there's no point in locking up your board, tell me how you feel the exact moment you realize it's gone. Tell me...

Originally Posted by TorpedoVegas View Post
I always lock up my board, helps me relax and enjoy my beer a little better without constantly trying to keep one eye on where my board is. I picked up the smallest cable bike lock I could find, keep it in my cargo pant pocket and it works great. Is it 100% guarantee??? not a chance, but it's 100X better than nothing
Fuckin right! I don't want to be that sketch bag in the lodge looking out the window the whole time to make sure my precious is still there. I want to have (relatively) no worries while getting something to eat/drink or when I'm taking a piss...

Originally Posted by tonyisnowhere View Post
I just bought one of these locks called a ski key. They only way someone can steal you board is if they take the bindings off. Most cable locks with combo can just be cut. They work with the racks some resorts provide. Ski Racks, Snowboard Racks, and Locks | Ski Key Systems You can see if your local mountain has them at this website. Ski Area Locations That Offer Ski Key Locks & Racks
You're welcome. I still find this is the most useful for me. Small lock, hard to break, works at all the resorts I frequent.

Originally Posted by ComeBack_Kid View Post
I didn't lock my boards up until I started getting ones that a lot of boarders know are valuable (like the Lib Tech Skate Banana).
I was thinking of getting a skate banana as my rock board so I don't cringe every time I hit something... Ha!

Originally Posted by irrballsac View Post
Soooooo.... Now that we're nearing the end of this year... How plausible would it be to get a tally on how many times this, or extremely similar topics have been brought up? Typically with the EXACT same responses...
A shitload. That's what boggles my mind...

Originally Posted by AAA View Post
I have a cardinal rule about locking boards, every time, no exceptions. I've been using the same recoilable lock for 20 years. I know it can be cut, but "most" thieves would rather walk away with something not locked at all.
My thoughts exactly. I lock my board EVERY TIME I WALK AWAY FROM IT. BTW, how many times in those 20 years was your recoilable lock cut and your board stolen? That's my point... any lock is much better than nothing.

I sort of feel sorry for people when I see the "my boards been stolen" threads, but at the same time I think to myself "well buddy maybe you'll lock it next time eh?
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