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is the Custom X a reasonable board to settle with if Im unable to find a honeycomb board

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
I've got about 70 days on a T7 so far... It's a machine. Finding one will be next to impossible (I looked last year at this time because my movers cracked the topsheet).

I had a T6 prior to the T7 and the black vinyl/plastic on top of the pads came off on day one. Gave it back to the store and Burton sent me back a T7.

I find this really hard to believe. In fact I just checked my board... I just held my board up to the light and I can see right through it where those pads were on the T6... There is a much smaller D shaped area you can see through the base. Maybe they changed the dimensions of it? Seems like a weird thing to put inside a board though.

It's an aluminium honeycomb, FG, and CF beast of a board!

If you ever find one buy it and sell it to me at a premium...

Edit: I should mention the topsheet is very weak on these. They chip and crack easy, but it doesn't affect the performance of the board so who cares... I was just disheartened the first time my $1000 board cracked!
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