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Originally Posted by SnowRock View Post
So we agree on Epic Ski... but like I said, its not the place to go for anything specific on snowboarding.

TGR has great info but much of it would mean nothing to the average rider. Does it really benefit the 10 day a year guy to know the ins and outs of Le Grave? The "beta" on the backcountry for someone that will never earn a turn. The macro industry/resort stuff? Why does someone making one trip a year care?
That is a strange statement to make. I have accounts on snow sports forums, mountain biking forums, technology forums, science forums, photography, video games, college sports, etc. Do I need to partake in all of those activities regularly for there to be 'justification' for me reading them or having accounts there? Of course not. Snowolf probably votes once a year (if that)... should he therefore stop reading or posting to political forums/boards?

Even at a resort info level, any discussion is centered around skiers (mostly) at a much different experience level than the masses. That what I meant with my question.
All that means is that I mostly skim or ignore the posts about ski length or boot fitting. Any threads that might discuss a new lift or snow conditions are still relevant. Also, just because I snowboard, why should I ignore skiers? In my experience, very few people on the hill give a rat's ass what your feet are strapped to.

Does it hurt to read that sort of stuff? Of course not. Is it practical info that the flatlander going to a resort out west for his first time can do anything with? Not really. Its certainly not a place to ask questions (on anything) if you aren't already riding/skiing at a high level.
I disagree. Someone going out west for the first time might not get much from a thread discussing a local ski movie premiere or the current stability of a BC snowpack, but they will definitely learn something from threads talking about the efficacy of air bags, when/where to carry beacons (like what air bags and beacons are), or even which resorts are RV friendly.

Are you perhaps arguing that I have no business reading TGR because you cannot dispute the point that the content there is richer than here?

Read on another forum: "If someone held a gun to my head and said, "You have to move to Salida tomorrow", I'd probably do it. If they told me I had to go to Breckenridge instead, I think I'd just let them pull the trigger."
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