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Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post
That is a strange statement to make. I have accounts on snow sports forums, mountain biking forums, technology forums, science forums, photography, video games, college sports, etc. Do I need to partake in all of those activities regularly for there to be 'justification' for me reading them or having accounts there? Of course not. Snowolf probably votes once a year (if that)... should he therefore stop reading or posting to political forums/boards?
Are you intentionally being obtuse or do you really not get it? Background and deep knowledge is great if you are an enthusiast and just seeking knowledge. Nowhere did I say you had to "justify" reading anything. Knowledge is wonderful... I am talking about utility. Outside of the inherent benefits of expanding your mind, it doesn't do a whole lot for you if you don't partake in any of those activities to know that level of detail does it?

Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post
I disagree. Someone going out west for the first time might not get much from a thread discussing a local ski movie premiere or the current stability of a BC snowpack, but they will definitely learn something from threads talking about the efficacy of air bags, when/where to carry beacons (like what air bags and beacons are), or even which resorts are RV friendly.
Sure they may learn something.. but what purpose does it serve the kid from jersey heading to Breck to know about the latest in beacon and airbag tech? What do they do with info on the plight of maggots looking to park in the Kirkwood lot overnight?

Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post
Are you perhaps arguing that I have no business reading TGR because you cannot dispute the point that the content there is richer than here?
Where on earth did I say that or anything specifically about you and what you should or shouldn't read. I am disputing the utility of that "rich" content to the snowboarder of the masses that frequents this forum. I'm sure the tips area here has helped countless riders advance. TGR offers nothing of the sort.

I'll tell you what has become clear ... you are the kind that thinks experience does not matter when you can read about it on a forum. I would point to your post in a thread about avalanche mitigation. You have zero perspective on the matter yet think because you are a learned sort (and avid TGR reader) you offer something of value. All your post really showed was a lack of perspective given mitigation (albeit not with bombs) does take place all the time with cornice drops and ski cuts. Its not an area I have much experience in so I am treading towards your schtick even commenting on the subject.

You can read about things all you want, but its when you apply that knowledge through experience that you truly learn.
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