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Originally Posted by Powhound97 View Post
When they had ad campaigns on tv about Weed being bad, they took monkeys, strapped them to chairs, hooked masks with a smoker on the other end and smoked the monkeys to death, like literally killed the monkeys with to much pot.....
Fair enough... I should have said "it's likely impossible for a person smoking weed to inhale enough smoke to suffer from oxygen deprivation to the brain" - without having a mask strapped to their face pumping in a constant supply of smoke!

Originally Posted by mojo maestro View Post
Depends on the person....depends on the weed. Smoke a heavy indica and most likely you'll want to sleep. Smoke a cerebral sativa and its a whole different dealio.
Yeah, I used to smoke sativa and play guitar. It was wild how much I could focus... I wrote my college entrance exams after smoking a pinner of sativa. Got 120/120 on the math portion, and 117/120 on the English. When I went in to get my marks they said they've seen university grads that haven't scored that high... Not saying the pot helped, but it certainly didn't hinder.

Back when I used to smoke on a regular basis we would work on a car, play music, etc. while mildly stoned.

Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
IMO the biggest benefit of this new law (and surprised no-one's mentioned it) is quality control. No more shit laced with something unknown.
And that's the biggest reason I stopped. I used to always taste my weed when I bought it. I could tell if it had been laced with something, sometimes it tasted like formaldehyde or drain-o... I figured that was something I didn't need to take the chance of smoking. Since then I've met some people that have medical licences to grow themselves, so I'll occasionally have some homegrown these days, but I'm a 5 time a year smoker now... what were we talking about?
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