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Originally Posted by lo0p View Post
I actually edited my first post because I thought I was being a little too douchy.
I'm starting to think I shouldn't have.

The SL is probably the most talked about board on those forums, it comes up in about every other post.
As for the cobra, Snowolf wrote a VERY detailed review. The thread will answer every questions you have about the board and then some.
There are tons of posts specifically discussing the differences between those 2 boards.

Now to be fair I don't know much about the TFA, although I am sure you'll find info about it in those very forums.

Either way, i have no interest in arguing with you, it's an exercise in futility.
In fact, it's my fault, I should have know better than to reply to this thread.
I'm not arguing at all, you've basically come up with the reason (the highlighted bit) why i posted so all good . Just to clarify though the reason why i started a seperate thread is because i would like some advice/opinions on the differences between them and my Capita. Again you're right saying there is LOOOOOOOADS of info on each board sperately but i would like a direct comparison from peeps if possible.

I think my dry British humour may have been lost buddy, didn't mean to come across as having a go.
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