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Originally Posted by Tarzanman View Post
We are venturing way off topic here but....
If that is the case then why do anything except eat, sleep, shower, and procreate? Why read a magazine/look at art/do anything abstract that does not serve a specific, practical purpose? Being informed or well read or however you describe it can have unintentional benefits. Do you suppose that it was a skier that discovered/invented the thiosulfate used in hand warmers? The polymers used in modern skis, or a dozen other examples? Maybe you don't really mean to say that knowledge isn't useful, but that is what your argument is stating.
I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole. As it relates to snowboarding, I am suggesting that the content here is far more useful than the "rich content" at TGR for the masses. I am also talking specifically about snowboarding, not the inherent value of knowledge.

He might learn that an airbag won't save his life if an avalanche drags him through trees and that Recco is a piss-poor alternative to having a beacon, pole, shovel, rope, and knowing how to use them. Or that if he ever does go into the BC that a basic avy course would be a better idea than blindly following some random bozo who might or might not know what they are doing.
Again you are mixing apples and lollipops here. Why would someone making their first resort trip need to worry themselves about a beacon, shovel and rope? Or an "avy" course?

Are you suggesting that there isn't anything I could read on TGR that might help me make it down Beartooth at JHMR without having to check my speed with a side slip every couple of yards?
Largely.. yes I am suggesting just that. Please point me to some of the robust discussion of snowboarding technique for chutes? If its there I never seem to see it.

It depends on the context. You can't learn to ride a motorcycle or ride a snowboard from reading about it on a forum, but you can certainly learn how to build/repair electronics and machines or how to field dress a wound (how is that for a random example?) well enough with only a book in front of you.
Pretty terrible example in my opinion. It shows you can follow directions not that you necessarily have learned or know anything. Give me someone that reads about a subject and has experience doing it.. For example, I am a pretty decent home cook.. have been doing it for a while and enjoy it. I'm certain that 9 times out of 10, I could cook something much better than someone that has only read about food and is following a recipe.
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