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Originally Posted by SnowRock View Post
I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole. As it relates to snowboarding, I am suggesting that the content here is far more useful than the "rich content" at TGR for the masses. I am also talking specifically about snowboarding, not the inherent value of knowledge.
Ok, having made that clear I will partially agree. As I said in my original post:
...there is good information and even some good people to be found on the forum.... but the chaff you have to wade through, and the garbage that many folks like to put on the board is considerable. .
That statement sums up my overall opinion.

Again you are mixing apples and lollipops here. Why would someone making their first resort trip need to worry themselves about a beacon, shovel and rope? Or an "avy" course?
There is side country and BC access at many resorts. I admit that it would be very abnormal, but its not inconceivable that a new snowboarder might encounter such conditions. They might make a friend who takes them out of bounds on their last day out. Some hazards like tree wells can pop up in or out of bounds.

I feel like you are moving the goalposts a little bit here. Your original question was whether someone with my level of experience can really get much useful information from a forum with those kinds of posts. Yes, I can. A beginner, less so until they have more ancillary knowledge.... but there is still useful information to be gleaned nonetheless.

Largely.. yes I am suggesting just that. Please point me to some of the robust discussion of snowboarding technique for chutes? If its there I never seem to see it.
As you have noted, riding technique is not discussed nearly as often compared to more general topics, but such information does exist there - snowboarding: heelside turns.

Pretty terrible example in my opinion. It shows you can follow directions not that you necessarily have learned or know anything. Give me someone that reads about a subject and has experience doing it.. For example, I am a pretty decent home cook.. have been doing it for a while and enjoy it. I'm certain that 9 times out of 10, I could cook something much better than someone that has only read about food and is following a recipe.
That was just one example. There are many others. Using your topic of cooking, there are more than a couple of chemists who have probably been cooks for less time than you whose book knowledge would give them an edge in the kitchen. Some have even written books (Chemistry Of Cooking -- A Biochemist Explains The Chemistry Of Cooking ) and other dispel myths, like Alton Brown's advice that basting a turkey is a waste of time if you are trying to flavor the bird - Turkey Tips From Alton Brown: Don't Baste Or Stuff | WBUR & NPR )

Read on another forum: "If someone held a gun to my head and said, "You have to move to Salida tomorrow", I'd probably do it. If they told me I had to go to Breckenridge instead, I think I'd just let them pull the trigger."
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