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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
You got it. I had been itchin' to take this thing out, but I was worried I might put a scratch on it, it was absolutely flawless, not a single mark on it.
The guy I bought it off had only taken it out like 5 times in super deep days.

I was wondering about any sort of warranty, but it's a 2010, so past the warranty period.

I've read a tonne before & after I purchased this thing, & from what I've read it's supposed to be stiff as fuck. Shouldn't stiff as fuck = strength?
Because honestly I don't think any of my other boards would have snapped that easy.

I'm only about 160-165lbs right now, I don't know what the weight range is for the 164 off the top of my head but I bet I didn't even fit in that weight class for that board?

I might try & get in touch with Ride, but even with my best sob story, I'm pretty sure they're gonna say "shitty for you"?

No offense, but it ain't funny & if anyone would have laughed or even made a smart ass comment yesterday. I would have broken their neck on the spot.
I'm not kiddin'. El snappo.


Sorry man, that really sucks, I remember you posting the pics of it and being super stoked.
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