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Default Board is sticky when it shouldn't be..

Sorry if this seems cluttered, I didn't really take the time to organize it all and make it neat, so just deal with it

Okay guys.. I live in Minnesota and love to snowboard on the local hill.. It's small compared to a mountain but bear with me.......

A bit about my style of snowboarding: I snowboard in park only, (just for reference i'm male and 17 years old- weigh 130 pounds.. 5'6" tall), I ride a forum scallywag board (2011).

Okay.. I think that covers the basic information. Now onto my problem!

Alright, I know you guys are gonna say it's "just" the slush but I'm seriously pissed right now.. It's 40-45 degrees out here still (just cooling down to start winter) and i'm RIDING ON ARTIFICIAL snow currently.

Okay, so regardless, here is the problem: I'm getting stuck on the snow a ridiculous amount. More than I should be Every time I get off the rope tow I start sticking to the snow like crazy on the flat at the top.. It's so bad that all of the other snowboarders glide right past me.

I doubt it's the wax.. Last night I applied a coat of all temp wax on my board and when I got to the hill today it stuck badly. I couldn't go as fast as the others and it felt like i was on sandpaper. The other people around me just boarded right past me while i had to jump my board (from nose to tail) to move anywhere.
Even when downhill I couldn't get enough speed for any features. it was super bad.. So mid afternoon I asked the guy in the shop for his input and had him put some warm weather wax on thinking that would solve the problem. When I came back he said he removed loads of dirt from my base so that made me feel better. I thought the problem would be resolved but when I got back on the slopes, IT WAS STILL STICKING THE SAME AMOUNT!
It absolutely ruined my day on the hill.

Okay here is how I wax my board:
I use an all purpose wax because that's the only one I own
I have two sawhorses to hold my board on. It works alright, gets the job done.
1. I make sure my board is room temperature
2. Make sure iron isn't smoking when I apply wax on ( I use an old household iron)
3. Apply a smooth layer onto the board and wait for a half an hour before I scrape
4. I scrape in a back and fourth motion (pushing and pulling) making sure not to gouge my board
5. YES, I scrape off all of the wax and then buff it..
6. I buff using steel wool/scotchbrite pad in a crosshatch manner.
7. I clean up the mess I made scraping

Some other information:
- Normally with the all temp wax my board works just fine in cold/icy conditions (any time that the snow is less than 25 degrees.)
- I am absolutely TICKED off that we're going to get 3-4 inches of snow over the weekend and my board won't be ready.. I'm willing to go to some severe extents to get it to work
- I snowboard for around 5 hours per day every day (the season just started one week ago though- i've gotten in a good 30 hours of boarding so far)

Please help me figure out what's going on!
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