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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

I respect your opinion and all but one thing you do need to understand with regard to this point that you made:

I think you may have assumed that I am one of those people who says things online that I would not say in person; this is truly not the case. I absolutely say the the things I say online in person as well. To be honest there is no need to be prepared to throw down either because again, a passionate, even heated argument for a position really is NOT a personal attack.

If you and I were sitting at bar or at a backyard picnic having the same discussion and I said the exact word with the exact same level of passion, you would also see that it is not anger or dislike as a person. Body language and all the nuances in face to face communications convey things that just cannot be transferred via written form.

This brings me back to the original point that Blunted Nose brought up; many things on a forum like this get misread and misinterpreted because people do not have enough time interacting with the people and they form an opinion and once they get that set in their mind, it becomes extremely difficult to alter their perception no matter how incorrect it is.

Getting back to politics for a second, since you brought it up as an example, when I attack a position, I am not attacking the individual. I can absolutely hate a person`s political viewpoint yet still like them as an individual and enjoy their company. Granted, we reach a mutual understanding at some point to just agree to disagree on that subject. This is the way it is online as well. if you recall, I and Outlyr battled ruthlessly for weeks and pages upon pages, yet the minute we were outside of the politics section, if was a very friendly relationship. He asked my advice on a NS deck and I helped him out and honestly, we both would enjoy riding together and having a beer and even throwing barbs at one another over politics.

Another factor that comes up is there have been a few people who have been on this forum in politics who don`t understand the personal relationship or online history that people have with each other and feel it is their place to stick their noses into other people`s business and tell others how they should act. I have had this happen to distraction where I might have a long history with someone and my comments seem to this unnamed busy body as "angry"; then comes the pages upon pages of argument with this person trying to explain that I am not angry and they don't know the history.

So, Krug, I totally see your point as seen from your vantage point, but it is not a truly accurate vantage point and I am just trying to get you to think about the fact that there can be dynamics going on that create impressions that are not really a reflection on the reality of the situation.

Again, this related directly to the very point Blunted Nose was making in his first post; take the time to get to know the senior members awhile before forming hard set opinions about them.

You know what, I get your point and yes, you are right, takign things at face value aren't always necessarily what they seem. I guess I never really considered the dynamics behind the scene and that's my bad.

And actually, I have never considered you to be one that couldn't back their shit up both on an intellectual level and if backed into a seem to carry yourself well, though I don't know you personally, one can get a sense and make an educated guess.

Even though I have posted on here for a few years, I still consisder myself a NOOB and obviously am still learning the dynamics of this board

Thanks for taking the time,


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