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Originally Posted by someguy View Post
Very interesting. So I guess I should better be buying a LibTech TRS or Attack Banana. You guys also recommended GNU Rider's Choice to me, but I think I prefer the LibTech boards. I can't quite explain why, but the fact that more LibTech boards are recommended as top-boards makes me think that they produce better boards and have more experience in general. I know that they belong together at Mervin, but maybe there's still a difference.

So when those two boards are shortlisted, which one of them is a little bit more suitable and which size would you take?

- LibTech TRS 157 (minimum rider weight 58kg)
- LibTech TRS 159 (minimum rider weight 63kg)
- LibTech Attack Banana 156 (minimum rider weight 61kg)
- LibTech Attack Banana 159 (minimum rider weight 63kg)

I weigh about 70kg and together with my clothes and equipment I'm far over the 63kg, so I tend to get 159 length.

@hktrdr & @GreyDragon:

Both of you said that 1 (TRS) and 4 (RC) are best and that 3 (AB) is only second-best. Why is that? Could you please explain why you think that TRS fits better to me than Attack Banana? I need to know more about the thing TRS vs. Attack Banana. I feel like I can pull the trigger soon, but I need some more information before spending that much money. :-)

By the way, what do you think about my proposal to combine that board with a Rome 390 Boss and Burton Ions? At the moment I use Burton Cartels with Salomon Maori boots.
GNU boards are just as well/badly constructed as Lib-Tech. Zero difference. Many people would consider the RC to be a slightly upgraded TRS.

I picked those two over the AB because the camber profile-flex combo is better suited to groomers IMO. The AB has more rocker in the profile which helps with float in powder and turn initiation/looseness. However, to avoid it becoming to squirrelly/unstable on hard (like the Magic, which has more rocker) Mervin increased the stiffness resulting in less playfulness, pop, andvbutterability.
Accordingly, for mostly groomer riding I would go with the TRS/RC for playfulness and pop, while the AB is better for off-piste because of the float in powder and the extra stiffness.

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