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Originally Posted by someguy View Post
Hello Brainwashed,

this is Julian from Germany. I read your review and it's VERY interesting for me because I tend to buy a LibTech board, but I still don't know which one to get.

About me:
Usually I'm rinding 70% of my time on piste/groomers, 20% Offpiste/Frontcountry, 10% Park. I'm 1,82m tall and weigh 70kg. I am able to ride quite OK, which means: Normal pistes (all difficulties) are no problem, except for steep mogul slopes. Until now I haven't spent so much time in the park (i.e <<10% of my time, but I want to spend more time in the park in the future and come to the abovementioned 10% then). My park skills are modest therefore, i.e. flat boxes and small kickers are OK and I'm not doing any rails yet. I always try to catch powder if possible. Deep snow isn't a problem usually, except for when the ground and weather conditions are very bad.

At the moment I'm riding an Atom (not Atomic) Royality 159 Allmountain-Board with a Burton Cartel 09/10 binding and I use Salomon Maori in 42 (9).

What I am looking for:

I'm looking for a board that suits best for the abovementioned riding style. I looked around in german and english forums, at snowboard magazines' reviews, at blogs (angrysnowboarder, shayboarder, etc.) and in reviews in Youtube.

From what I heard, these boards would be my favorites at the moment (order: 1 = preferred, 8 = not preferred):

1.) LibTech TRS 157/159 (still undecided regarding the length)
2.) LibTech Banana Magic 157
3.) LibTech Attack Banana 156/159 (still undecided regarding the length)
4.) GNU Riders Choice 157
5.) Capita Black Snowboard Of Death 156/159 (still undecided regarding the length)
6.) LibTech Jamie Lynn Phoenix 157/160 (still undecided regarding the length)
7.) Ride Machete GT 157/160 (still undecided regarding the length)
8.) Rome Mod Rocker 156/159 (still undecided regarding the length)

I think the Neversumme boards (for example SL and Proto) are fine boards too, but I think they won't fit to my requirements so well.

Most important questions:

What do you think which LibTech Board fits best to me and which size would you recommed for me? I heard positive reviews about all of the boards, which makes the decision quite hard. I want to go for some buttering too and I thought that the Magic is too stiff for that and that I might be happier with a TRS, for example. An experienced guy from a german forum strongly recommended that I should prefer the Attack Banana over the Banana Magic, but I also heard that the EC2 is not so matured in comparison to the C2BTX or the shape of the Banana Magic (I forgot the name).

In this review they (just like you) prefer the Banana Magic more than the Attack Banana.

Also the guy in this video doesn't look so euphoric when he speaks about the Attack Banana.

I also tend to switch to Rome 390 Boss bindings (I like the idea of these canting pads because I have some knee issues) and Burton Ion boots (size 9). Do you think that's a fine combination together with some LibTech board?
Those are tough questions.

In my opinion, and it should be noted that I completely disagree with HKTRDR who has replied multiple times in response to you, for your riding I would rank the boards your looking at like this:

1.) LibTech TRS 157/159 (still undecided regarding the length)
2.) LibTech Attack Banana 156/159 (still undecided regarding the length)
3.) LibTech Banana Magic 157

I actually avoid the park. It would need to be perfect conditions for me to go in there. So for me the Banana MAgic is great. It flat rips on the groomers. And I mean, it's dead solid fast, steady and planted. It links carves better than some of the old slalom race boards I use to actually run gates with. It's great. Other people have said the same thing. Hell I was talking to a guy who finished boards at the Mervin Factory last weekend at Crystal and he said the Magic is too "carvy" for him and he like the Attack Banana.

For you, it sounds like you would want a board a little more forgiving on the park and doing jibs and flatland type tricks and buttering. That would point your wants more towards the Attack Banana or the TRS. I think the Magic Banana would be a little too demanding and stiff for a beginner in the aprk. I would want a full Skate Banana if I wanted to learn how to ride the stuff in the park.

I just got back from skipping work and riding all day in 14" of new. I am still loving the Magic for the riding I do, but again I don't go in the park. I wouldn't know what I would want from a snowboard even if I did go in there. I would just want the softest more rockery board and shortest board I could get.

I would steer your towards one of the shorter length Attack Banana or the TRS. I would say the Attack Banana as a first choice. And again, the shorter lengths. You would only want more length if you want float in the powder. For jibs and the parks I would run a shorter board.

You really should demo all three boards though so you can feel what you think of them. Is there a way you can do that in Germany?

If you can't demo them, I really do think you would be happy with either the Attack or the TRS. I know I would have!

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