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Originally Posted by Brainwashed View Post
Okay, at this point your just making things up and I get really tired of people in active sports who do what you are doing. You haven't ridden any of these boards. If you had you would know that your 'shop knowledge' is incorrect.

Also, Libtech does not market the Magic as a backcountry exclusive board. It's their dream quiver killer board as far as I can tell. Quote from Lib Tech's web page:
"The Banana Magic Horsepower series is completely Volcanic Organic and features all basalt construction (no traditional fiberglass) BEANs top material, Columbian Gold eco timber core combined with deep sidecuts and “enhanced” banana. Lib Tech has tuned this combination of geometry, construction and flex to create incredible edge grip in all conditions especially ice, unbelievable float in powder and broken snow, effortless jibbing and damp quiet stability at speed. You carve, you jib, you carve, you jib."

Note the above key words: Carve, Stability, and Damp. Those are all terms you claim the Magic is not and claim Lib's markets says other wise.
I was going to let this rest, but now you are misquoting me and putting words in my mouth. I specifically mentioned that the Magic is damp and does hold a carve.
I only claimed that the Magic was not very stable on groomers - which Lib-Tech agrees with and acknowledges. The above statement stressing the the deck's virtues in "ice", "powder", and "broken snow" does not contradict this at all - note the absence of any reference to hardpack and groomers.

Originally Posted by Brainwashed View Post
I personally would appreciate it if you stopped confusing people about the Lib Tech line up. I cringe to think that you are in a shop telling people the things you are writing here. You also clearly don't read the marketing material you cite.
I have tried to keep this as discussion of issues but you keep making this personal so here it goes: I could not care less what you "would appreciate" and what makes you "cringe". I have made fact-based arguments based on my experience riding these boards, the Lib-Tech materials that our shop receive, our communications with Lib-Tech and their representatives, and a number of other riders.

As I said before, some of our shops buy/sell Lib-Tech and the Quiksilver/Mervin guys certainly do not seem to have issues with how their line-up is presented.

This will be my last post on this, unless some real new facts/issues are raised (as opposed to personal attacks) or somebody else has a question.
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