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Electric EG2 goggles fogging

Used a pair of Electric EG2 goggles today for the first time at Keystone and had a lot of problems with them fogging up. Was consistently snowing and pretty cold today. I fell off a jump and got snow all over the front and on top of some of the vents. Did my best to blow out all of the snow and wipe them down for several minutes in the gondola on the way back up, but they were almost useless due to being immediately fogged back up after strapping in at the top.

I don't remember having my Smith I/Os ever fog up and freeze this bad last season even in the few days it actually snowed here, so I am unsure if it's just the conditions causing the fogging or the actual goggles themselves.

My main questions are:
  • Are these EG2s known to be prone to fogging up?
  • Was I pretty much screwed the minute I got a little snow in the vents, and any goggle is going to have a hard time staying not fogged up when it's this cold and snowing here?
  • Any tips for clearing out the moisture in between these lenses if this happens again?

I love the peripheral vision of the EG2s, but they were useless once they got a little moisture inside and completely fogged up. Is this the case with pretty much any goggle?

For what it's worth, I've always had a rough time with goggles fogging, used several cheap ones in the past and prefer sunglasses in general since I can wipe them down quickly. Maybe my face is just too sweaty... hell, I have no idea but it was so bad I had to leave early. Don't want to go back to the smith I/Os since I love the peripheral on the EG2s. Considering returning them to try a pair of the Von Zipper Fishbowls and hope they don't fog up like the EG2s did today.

EDIT: Used them again today when it was snowing consistently - they were fine most of the day, they fogged once but I went inside for a few minutes to dry them out and had no problems the rest of the day. Lesson learned: take a fall and get snow on goggle vents, go inside to dry them well for a few minutes. Might be common sense to most people but it wasn't to me. Thanks for the advice.

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