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Thanks for the reply.

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
I'm guessing you are somehow bundled up to the point where you are breathing with your nose and mouth almost directly into the goggles. The proper variables in place and you even have all your body heat venting into them. This is your problem. Avoiding this on cold days requires a little attentiveness or adjustment of your shit.
Not sure if this is really the case, wasn't using a face mask or even pulling my neck gaiter up to my chin even. Will try to be more aware of how my body heat is venting next day, but had pit zips in jacket wide open and neck gaiter thing tucked pretty low on my neck, so it wasn't like I was breathing heavily into a gaiter that was close to the goggle vents. I always use good breathable layers (silk+dryride stuff).

One thing I wondered was if my beanie being tucked under the goggles on my forehead creates a problem. Like the foam on the brow of the goggles doesn't come in direct contact with my skin on my forehead, it rests over the beanie. Is this bad?

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Also do not wipe the inside of your goggles EVER it has anti fog shit on them that you probably already wiped off
Shit. I was as careful as I could be, used a microfiber cloth that came with the I/Os I had. Frustrating situation, couldn't see a damn thing with the goggles on and couldnt see a damn thing with them off when moving at any speed. Slipped off to the side of the run once to try to gently wipe out the moisture on the inside. This helped for all of 30 seconds, then fogged up completely again. Could see small droplets of water in between the lenses at the edges. I tried to kind of hold open the bottom of the EG2s when riding at decent speed in an attempt to get some air into them and dry it out some but it didn't help.

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
FWIW the Smith turbofan is a nice feature I wish others would copy but I'm an Electric guy.
I was under the impression the turbofan from smith isn't going to help much except for on the lift when you aren't moving much. I might return these EG2s and give them a try, but I love the EG2s peripheral vision so much. FWIW, the fogging only started once I took the fall and got snow covered all on the outside of the lenses and some in the vents.
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