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Originally Posted by Weipim View Post
hey man I followed u guys discussion on and off and I have to say I couldn't agree with you more on this part. the built quality of a product needs to be carefully evaluated and not be mixed with features. That being said, a basic deck can be a higher quality product than a product of market gimmicks. But on the other side, personal preference does weigh a lot in snowboarding and maybe just that "steroided trs" aka gnu rc may gain favor in a lot of people (including myself) and leads us to believe it is superior than the "basic trs".

i just think both of you holds a point and there's really no need to bash each other
No bashing here - he asked some questions and I gave him some answers. In the process he misinterpreted something I wrote (maybe I could have been clearer) and I corrected that misconception. No issue.
All in the spirit of being friendly and (hopefully) helpful.
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