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I ollie one footed on my snowboard higher than I can with a skateboard. I can't skate like I can snowboard. I actually think mountain biking was a big factor in my nice snowboard ollie.

When I see a good thing to ollie off of, I get flat on my base and go directly in for the kill. I pick a spot to ollie. I kinda scoot the board a little forward and shift my leading knee into the ollie and pop the tail up. Then I hear that POP, it sounds like thunder when I ollie.

This probably makes no sense, look up snowboard ollie on Utube and watch other people do them. This video does a better job at explaining ollies than me. For me it was like something that clicked and was not being pursued. Once it clicked I was always doing them.

Snowboard Trick Tips: How to Ollie - YouTube">Snowboard Trick Tips: How to Ollie - YouTube" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="385">


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