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Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
I understand and appreciate your help. I want to try out one of their boards and see if there is anything special about them other than their designs. I'm sure you guys prefer quality over design. At least that's what I prefer. Anyways, after I'm done with the reviews, I can get a reference code that'll save you guys up to 20% if you want to try them out for yourself. I can also get them shipped all as one package, like a group buy, if you want. I will be gaining relevance throughout the forum in the next few weeks. Thank you everyone!
Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
Adding to this, I know many other companies share the same idea, but I've tried most of them and they haven't been very good. Prior makes really good custom boards, but the price is quite steep. These guys sell for only 500-800 dollars per board, plus the 10-20% discount I can give you.
Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
You guys are hilarious. The name is quite ridiculous, but I'm going to see if they can keep that name due to the quality and performance of their boards. I have lots of faith because of what they claim. If they can live up to their silly name, then the name doesn't matter. I am not in need of a board, that's why I need a discount. That and I'm running short of spending money . I need your support to prove to them that you'll be interested in my reviews and not disregard them. I am not getting a huge discount, at most 70%. If enough of you support my idea, you'll be able to get a discount as well. At most 20-25% which is quite a lot for snowboards, especially custom made ones. I will also arrange some sort of shipping method to keep the price as low as possible. They have contacted me and they're considering my offer. Your support will help a great deal. Thanks And I'll be gaining relevance by helping people out on this forum. I'll be posting 3-4 times a day on different threads. It'll be hard, but it's worth it if the deal comes through. Thanks everyone!
Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
Lots of good questions. I need you guys to just approve of my idea. To state that you're with me and you'll anticipate my reviews. I will be able to give discounts with a reference code you can use. I've covered the other questions in my previous post. I know this is hard to ask for supporters due to the fact I have less than 10 posts.
Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
I appreciate your feedback and agree 100% with you. I am new and you're right I need to gain my right to talk around here. Secondly, by helping you, you mean helping out on the forum? And yea shipping is 50 euros, but I'm able to ship a group of orders at once to evenly distribute the 50 euros and fees amongst the group. I do need credibility and I have noticed he is one of the extreme few on this forum. I also understand you're pretty respected here too. How many posts and how long does it take to become well known and respected? Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it.
Why does this all read like a bad car salesmen pitch? Your level of vagueness does nothing to help you, false promises of "contributing" mean fuck all when no one has any clue who you are, and these numbers you come up with seem to come out of no where. It almost reads as if you're trying to convince people to believe in you so
1. you get a discount
2. you get people to go in on a group buy and run off with the money.

Right now everyone would be far better off ignoring you completely. Let me tell you something about product reviews, if you're going to do it
1. Bring credibility to the table
2. Bring an established name to the table
3. Don't go about looking for a discount
4. Have a specific niche you are filling
5. Don't be a fucking kook.

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