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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Why does this all read like a bad car salesmen pitch? Your level of vagueness does nothing to help you, false promises of "contributing" mean fuck all when no one has any clue who you are, and these numbers you come up with seem to come out of no where. It almost reads as if you're trying to convince people to believe in you so
1. you get a discount
2. you get people to go in on a group buy and run off with the money.

Right now everyone would be far better off ignoring you completely. Let me tell you something about product reviews, if you're going to do it
1. Bring credibility to the table
2. Bring an established name to the table
3. Don't go about looking for a discount
4. Have a specific niche you are filling
5. Don't be a fucking kook.
I am a student, and as many of you already know, money is hard to come by at the stage I'm in. All I can afford is around 30% of the original price of the board, hence the 70% discount. I see logic in the 1st, 3rd and 4th, but I think you're perceiving my message in an incorrect fashion by number 3.
I DO NOT need a board, nor do I want one. The reason I'm doing this is explained in my previous post. Please read all my posts before commenting everyone! Your question may have already been answered. Not in this particular case, where my post came after yours, but in general. Number 5 wasn't necessary, but I'll let it pass . I think I can contribute to this forum enough to gain everyone's respect, but I simultaneously think the whole "respect" idea is kind of funny. Aren't forums for everyone? Not just the respected few who rule the site because of their time spent on the forum downsizing others? The tone I'm getting from your advice is very negative and it isn't very easy to take advice from someone talking this way, regardless of their status. Let's not come to any awful conclusions about what is going to happen in the future, instead lets observe what happens and not anticipate it. I feel as though I'm on that show the Shark Tank. With you guys all sitting in your plush chairs, shrewdly analyzing my idea. How are my promises "fake"? I've helped some people already in just a day. Don't go into shrewd and untrue conclusions about me! I think you're way over your head in this respect nonsense. Don't take this offensively though.
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