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Page 4, now that's there a vid introduction.

As for Dazzle, it not a new concept of custom one off for the elitist consumer, vertical integration and made by dwarfs...take Carvin guitars, pretty much a Chinese menu to order up a "custom guitar"...some folks love Carvins...I have one and its No. 1 player....however some folks discount them because they are not a Fender, Gibby or whatever. If I were the head of Dazzle, you get some known person (like Carvin did with Joe Walsh) to endorse and/or you set up a high-end shop (like Carvin in LA) in Whistler for monied folks to demo.

As for you, sir Remmy....welcome to the club. May I suggest, get a job, buy the Dazzle, study hard and ride harder. You be better off trying to coordinate a group buy.
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