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Originally Posted by goyo View Post
You think the guy would have killed his girlfriend some other way? knife? archery? poison? Maybe but I think less likable.
So this comment prompted my response to you since it was building up with the mess you are posting. A murderer is a murderer. Once that person decides to kill him/herself or someone else a means will be found to carry out that goal. The gun is just the tool used to commit the act. If he didn't have a gun, he would have grabbed something else or strangled his g/f. It isn't less of a chance of him carrying out his goal. The problem with the hippie liberals in this country is that all they see is the small percentages that tdn broke down for you and not the whole, larger picture that states gun related deaths are nowhere near as large an issue that you and others think. You are a drone that just listens to the media and doesn't question 1. How many of these guns are legally purchased vs illegally purchased and 2. What is the ratio of hit and run deaths, stabbings, stranglings etc etc. Wake up... WWII is another example. The Japanese debated heavily about invading the US, but the assumption that every American owned a gun detered them from walking into a suicide mission. You are right, just because you own a gun doesn't mean you will ever use it for defense, but it is a deterant, just like a car alarm. Some people don't listen to the warning and still try to take your things or do harm to you.

As for Costas.... Idiot. As others stated, people want to watch football, not hear his bs banter.

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