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Snowolf brings up a good point. You don't need hit anything more than small boxes and the smallest jumps you can find to master the basics of jumping, spinning and jibbing.

People mistake bigger as better, but bigger is actually worse for learning because it increases your chances of injury, especially in the early stages where you'll be crashing a lot.

For example, when I first started learning spins, I perfected 360s on 5 to 10 foot jumps before taking them to anything bigger.

It's only when I started working on 720s to 1080s that I started learning on bigger jumps because I needed the airtime.

You should always master new tricks on small features first then take the same trick to a bigger feature AFTER you've figured it out.

Freestyle snowboarding is about risk management. Anyone can progress fast, but you have to do it smart if you want to progress fast AND limit your injury time.
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