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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Think about giving a 15 year old a brand new Lambo and putting him on the Autobahn, that should sum it up pretty well.
Hmmmn,.. interesting analogy. If I follow thru on the comparison, (...leaving out any "shifting" issues which wouldn't seem to apply.)

...I imagine that 15 year old would first off, hit the gas WAY too hard, get going far too fast. Panic, Over/under steer in the turns. Ass end fishtailing, spinning out! He wouldn't be able to brake properly or with any semblance of control,.. Eventually crashing thru the guardrails, flying off the shoulder & smashing into the trees in a flaming heap!!!

OK,.. you really have seen me out on my board haven't you! (...Yeah, like you'd actually visit S.E. MI. for snowboarding!!!)

So, I guess I should be reasonably stoked that I have actually managed to learn to ride using this board without suffering any sort of debilitating crash?

My Local hill is having a Demo Day on the 27th of Dec. 3 manufacturers attending for Burton, K2, & Rome. I would like to try riding a few different boards, especially a true twin to see if my switch riding gets a little easier. Any recommendation on any particular models I should try and demo? (...don't know how many models/options will be available and don't want to waste too much time riding something too far from my skill set)
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