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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Whoa guys! No need to be this rude even if you do suspect some exaggeration. It is fine to question but to out and out treat someone this way is not excusable. This is the one area of the forum that I do not tolerate ANY bullshit so back off!!!!

Now, for some actual tips.

When you are doing your attempted 3`s are you doing the frontside? The reason I ask is because one of the biggest issues (and I still have trouble with front 3`s) is the rider opens up too soon; usually on the first 90 degrees when facing down the hill. This will drastically slow your rotation. My issue has always been a fear of committing to it; this could be doe to conditions, not feeling it, whatever but any hesitation will kill your rotation.

One thing I have done that seemed to help me and has helped people I coach, is to actually carve the first 90 of your 3 (not in the park, I use natural features so I don`t fuck up the takeoff ramps in the park doing this). This allows you to really concentrate on that final 270 and the landing. Once I have gained the confidence of landing successfully, I don`t seem to have near as much of a hesitation issue.

Now, while I am disappointed in their delivery, the other poster`s did bring up valid points. It is hard for most of us who struggled for a long time to master good riding skills like carving, dynamic skidded, fore-aft movements, up and down unweighting, anticipatory rotation, etc to believe that a new rider with 6 days has done enough prep work in their foundational riding skills to focus on freestyle. I totally get the skiing background and wakeboarding, but just make sure you do not neglect these foundational riding skills.

I see you are in the PDX area; Which blacks are you riding at what resort; Meadows? Timberline? Just make sure you are not skipping important riding skills in your haste to master park. And if you say you don't like pow? I need to get you into Private Reserve at Meadows on a stupid deep powder day and we`ll fix that little issue.......

So, back to park.... Here`s a few more things for you to think about:


This is the key for good park riding; it stands for approach, takeoff, maneuver and landing.

Your approach needs to be stable; no last minute speed corrections or trajectory changes. You should feel as if you are dialed in and patiently waiting for the takeoff.

The takeoff is key for the outcome of the trick (maneuver). You need a stable, balanced and controlled takeoff. Hucking your meat usually looks like shit and will eventually get you hurt. Far better to do smaller things well that look good than go huge and look like a whirling dervish in the air.

The Maneuver is what you do in the air (or on the box/rail) if the approach and takeoff is solid, you have a much better chance of successfully performing the maneuver. Again, progress and master simple maneuvers before jumping to more complex ones.

The landing is really the proof of the pudding. If you fuck up somewhere in the earlier stages, it is likely going to show up here. You want to be stabilized and ready to land before it happens. Get the balance, trajectory and angles dialed in be ready to reconnect with the snow. Avoid the temptation to immediately brake; allow your board to settle in and engage the edge before applying any corrections to speed and direction.

Keep your progress slow and steady and always remember as you progress, that when you want simple terrain for complex tasks. As you master say large straight airs on large features and want to start spinning, don`t do them on the large features. Go back to the small features and work your way back up. Too often I see a park rider who is nailing it on a large feature try a new maneuver but they don`t step it back and really jack themselves up trying to dial in a new trick on too big of a feature.

I give you this caution because from reading the exchange going on here you seem to me to be the time that may let ego get the better of you and not be too willing to step down to easier features to try new shit. Just remember to always ask yourself if that 3 to 5 seconds is worth jeopardizing your riding season. If you're not sure of the outcome, step it back a notch. Hope to see you at Meadows some time....
I really appreciate that you took the time to type this out.

I ride at Timberline, fusion pass whoo, but my first day was on the Palmer Snowfield haha. It was in October and it was icey! So I guess that forced me to learn quickly. Also, I watch tons of youtube videos on the tricks and skills before I go up. It helps! The reason why I am doing these larger park features is because of who I am riding with. :/ They are advanced riders and they pretty much brought me to larger features and black diamond runs and said this is what we are doing, so you are as well. So I basically said what the hell, Ill learn this stuff.

I set goals before each day and I am determined to be able to do everything they can do in less time it took them to learn. haha

The blacks I have ridden was the Snowfield, and those blacks off of pucci. Elmers and Wingles I believe.

Back to park.

I learned how to backflip on the trampoline with my board on my feet, so it was pretty easy to get the rotation out on the slopes, so thats why I can attempt those already. I wouldn't think of this trick being more difficult than any others, so why not try it?

I believe my 360 issue may lie in trying to rotate too early. Like just before leaving the lip. It sort of stalls me out. Im trying to stop that habit, is there any techniques for that?

And I have fallen pretty hard a few times on the bigger features haha. My friends thought I broke bones a couple times. But I haven't even gotten a bruise. Weird. I am pretty heavy for my height, not fat, but muscle. So I don't know if that helps me take impacts better. 180 pounds at 5'5" around 8% BF.

Thanks again for the tips
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