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Originally Posted by eli783 View Post
When I call for heavier regulations, it wouldnt make it harder for the same people who already possess them. If we love guns so much, why cant we have them smart chipped? Why cant we hold manufacturers and dealers more responsible? The ones that dont play by the current rules, fuel the black market for them. Yes this happened in NYC. They can stick 80k cops in this place, and there will always be a crime element here.
Smart Chip?? What would that do? This isn't Judge Dredd where the guns are DNA coded to our hands lol Thats kind of contradicting your statement about not changing things for the people that abide by laws as well. You can't legally hold a manufacturer liable if a gun has changed hands over and over. Thats like me holding purdue responsible because I ate 6 month old chicken that I left out and wondered why I got sick. I think you should just realize we are in an imperfect world and there will be imperfect problems.

Originally Posted by eli783 View Post
How can you say the gun market is just like the drug trade? We OWN the arms manufacturing market, a reason why tougher regulations will never come.
Please make sure you read the statement correctly. I said black market (illegal) guns. ATF helps fight illegal gun trade, BUT like the drug trade going on is damn near impossible to stop and is still very real in the country. We also do not OWN the arms manufacturing market. The swiss, germans, italians, russians all make weapons. Some of those countries trade with anyone to make a buck.

Currently there is some kind of background or registration check in place to buy any gun in this nation. In reality, there isn't much more you can do to "control" gun purchasing so only the law abiding citizens get guns and you can't legally search anyone just to see if they are illegally carrying. I've continually provided you evidence and facts yet you continue to turn your nose up at it. Again, not knocking your opinion, just trying to shed some light and info on what you are thinking.
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