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Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post
Smart Chip?? What would that do? This isn't Judge Dredd where the guns are DNA coded to our hands lol Thats kind of contradicting your statement about not changing things for the people that abide by laws as well. You can't legally hold a manufacturer liable if a gun has changed hands over and over. Thats like me holding purdue responsible because I ate 6 month old chicken that I left out and wondered why I got sick. I think you should just realize we are in an imperfect world and there will be imperfect problems.

When I speak of chipping guns, Im not talking about some judge dredd like coding. When you buy a gun, you should be held completely liable. For instance, if your house is broken into, you can report your gun missing and have it tracked by local law.
Originally Posted by eli783 View Post
Please make sure you read the statement correctly. I said black market (illegal) guns. ATF helps fight illegal gun trade, BUT like the drug trade going on is damn near impossible to stop and is still very real in the country. We also do not OWN the arms manufacturing market. The swiss, germans, italians, russians all make weapons. Some of those countries trade with anyone to make a buck.

So what your saying is that since other countries produce arms, we arent the leaders in that marketplace? Secondly, do you really think every illegal gun on the streets is smuggled into the country? The large majority of people that I know that illegally possess guns, just got someone who could purchase it with no problem in another state.
Originally Posted by eli783 View Post
Heavier regulations could involve annual psychological evaluations as well.
Being a leader and OWNING are two different things completely. I'm not going to go count how many people are killing others with a swiss vs russian weapon dude. You are fishing now. WHen you own a gun you are liable. You are required to report it by law if someone steals your weapon. Secondly, if you purchase a gun and give it to someone else, you are also liable and its a felony to distrubute firearms without a license. Look at what is in place. I loled at anual psych test. I am curious how you'd respond if you didn't have something bad happen to you and I'm sorry you did. I can only imagine, but what if you were able to carry concealed? That had the potential to change the outcome. All I'm saying is think realistically and about the potential impact to certain things. Like it was said before, I can see the emotion you are displaying.
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