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Originally Posted by RockyMTNsteeze View Post

I don't strap in standing up to do it faster. Plus I tend to take forever doing anything and will skip around my music at the top until the perfect song comes on, mess with my gloves, straighten my jacket, look at dudes then eventually ride. Plus I am super OCD about strapping in. I can see plenty of mountains and scenery when not sitting. I think strapping in standing up is a better connection with the boot and binding. You don't ride sitting down.

I have lots of days on the mountain and seldom strap in sitting down. I have never had a strap get loose from this method, EVER. A few times my boot came out of my old bindings, that was because the bindings were failing. After the 3rd time I bought new ones and it has not happened again.
How would you have a better connection with the boot and binding by standing up? It all depends... but generally speaking, you have better odds of getting your boots fully rested in the heel cup when your sitting down. Not to mention, how often do you ride flat based as opposed to on edge ? When your sitting down, your board is leaning towards you while you strap in, which is more akin to actually riding then strapping in flat basing.

I don't care what you say, but you can't enjoy the scenery as much trying to strap in standing as you could sitting down, unless your straining your muscles trying keep your balance in which case you might as well just sit down and rest for a second. You obviously enjoy seeing the mountains for a few seconds at most then being on your way. Try going to the top of a double black though and enjoying the mountains for a few minutes (we'll say 3-5) while standing, and not being in anyones way. Sure on an uncrowded weekday you probably could, but you would be straining your legs trying to maintain balance on a 20+ degree slope. Why not just sit down in a situation such as this? I'm not talking about the schoolmarm at keystone. I'm talking double blacks, and stuff like east wall at arapahoe basin.

Fyi I strapped in quickly on a run at Loveland this year while standing up. Did a jump off the rollers near the bottom and my toe strap did slip off from the impact. I was wearing my 09 burton missions. Granted if I was wearing my newer binding with the getagrip capstrap it probably wouldn't have happened, but not everyone has those.

You wanna stand up and strap in? fine, but to brag about such a thing is beyond silly.

Here's a cookie for the badass (btw no one on the mountain gives a fuck how you strap in as long as your not in their way.)

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