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Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post

A few bad apples?? Haaaaaaaaaa
30,000 a year!

Oh and there are 1000 hit and run crimes a year...

Lets see 1000 vs 30,000 mmm yeah get rid of the cars.
Oh and since we are at it. Lets get rid of the forks too.
Why are you using numbers we've already proven were inaccurate?

Isn't 8000 homicides a year?

National and Pennsylvania Car Accident Statistics 2010, 2011

Looking at 2010.

10,228 dead from drunk drivers vs 8000 homicides. We should have more restrictions on cars!

Hell, if you want to compare all gun deaths (which includes the deaths of bad guys by the way) vs all car deaths, car deaths are still higher.

So.. that point you were trying to make? Nope, didn't work.

Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post

Why did they ban smoking in public places??
They sacrificed the rights of some for the well being of others.
Exactly what should happen with guns.
Flawed logic. Please point out where in the Bill of Rights it says anything about smoking in public places.

Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post

I rest my case.
haha ok. You should have done a better job presenting your "case". Here's some advice, if you ever end up in legal trouble, do NOT represent yourself.

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