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I would rather KNOW my bindings are 100% secure before I go mach 10 down a black...
...I don't care what you say, but you can't enjoy the scenery as much trying to strap in standing as you could sitting down, unless your straining your muscles trying keep your balance in which case you might as well just sit down and rest for a second. You obviously enjoy seeing the mountains for a few seconds at most then being on your way. Try going to the top of a double black though and enjoying the mountains for a few minutes (we'll say 3-5) while standing, and not being in anyones way. Sure on an uncrowded weekday you probably could, but you would be straining your legs trying to maintain balance on a 20+ degree slope. Why not just sit down in a situation such as this? I'm not talking about the schoolmarm at keystone. I'm talking double blacks, and stuff like east wall at arapahoe basin.

You're BOTH right- you can strap in however you want, different ways are easier for some people than others.
With the issue of sitting down to make sure the heel of the boot is all the way back, I can do that standing up, too. I just push my boot down and back against the highback and baseplate while strapping in, that way I can always be sure. I do it all the time, and now I can really feel exactly where the boot is in my binding.
But, in the end it comes down to whatever's comfortable for each rider. Do what you like. As long as it's not in the way (which was a problem on the narrow runs around here), nobody cares.

As for the marvelous beer contraption, just fill up a Camelbak or Dakine (with reservoir) snow pack with whatever beer you chose, as long as you clean it properly after a day out. The tube on the snow packs is insulated and is also concealed inside the zip on the shoulder strap, so if for some sad reason they don't like riders having beer while on a certain hill, you don't have to worry about covering it up.
For the sit-down feature, you could possibly mount a telescopic pole to each side of the Dakine pack, as long as it also has the removable aluminum stays via zippers (such as on the chute). You can do this by drilling a few holes into the stays, and then use screws and maybe weld them. Then just put them back into the pack and you can slide down the poles on each side of the pack. When retracted they'd just look like a pair of short symmetrical bars on each side of the pack. Now you can have your beer without having to hold a can, and have a sit-down feature without crippling your sorry ass if you fall! The best part is that you can now sit down, strap in, and drink ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

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