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Originally Posted by AWNOW View Post
Sorry guys, its a snowboard, not a mercedes benz. Scraping off the bubble is fine and will help reduce abnormal wear though it will show at the end of the board's life. The other dent is not large enough for epoxy, is not large enough to worry about and therefore ptex will be fine on it for now. It will in no imaginable way make things worse.

This is a very, very minor ding and not worth getting this worked up about. Small ding, easy fix, keep riding.
No man. However deep that bubble is pushed from, you could easily expose a core shot by cutting that bubble down.


I beat the fuck out of my precious Never Summers, that doesn't mean I'm gonna follow bad advice and hurt them worse on purpose.

*Awnow not flaming u with the big words and shit, trying to help this guy
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