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Originally Posted by snajper69 View Post
On a happy note. Who is going shooting today?

I'm going next weekend got to sight in an EO tech on my AR15 and sight my .300WM....

Originally Posted by eli783 View Post
According to you every gun that is misused is purchased illegally or comes from overseas. The problem is right here. My friends from the UK are shocked that we still have the gun laws we have. They are also shocked that we still imprison a large majority of our population. Things are the way they are because a few certain men profit greatly on it.
Here again, you lose! Never said they ALL are illegal or overseas. I pointed out that you fail to see or question the ratio of who is legally vs illegally purchasing and the overall small number of incidents when compared to the total population. You don't get all the facts before slamming the majority, the people that abide by law. Just stop. You are in a hole so deep you will never get out of it. You have not provided one substantial post.

The part I highlighted in bold, I think you should go debate about all the rapists, thiefs, pedophiles and druggies that occupy those prisons. I guess we should release them all since a few certain men are profitting on the prison system. You are diggin for arument on unrelated topics now.. I hope you board better than you debate.....

Originally Posted by snajper69 View Post
And my friends from UK get mad when they hear people in US are so easy to give up their rights, since they gave up theirs nothing improved and only criminals have guns now.
The US has a few crybabies that somehow scream loud enough to give the impression of the majority. I know damn well I'm not for giving up rights that this country was founded on.

brb going to see if its snowing yet
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