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Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post
These two (goyo and eli) can't even use a simple internet forum to post their threads withough fucking up a quote.... I'm with you bro. Don't know how my name got tied into quotes they stated lol Its typical argument from people with limited knowledge, wearing blinders so they only see guns as problems, not the overall issue.

x2... These two lack the information needed to make any valid statement.

No its not silly. MURDER IS MURDER. You continually fail to see the reality which makes you ignorant and naive. Death by gun vs car vs knife vs strangulation etc etc is still murder. All the while its still hardest to get a gun. Anyone can get the other items easily to do the job. The independent variable is the person, the dependent is the tool. There are different definitions by law of murder. Premeditated, involuntary etc.. I don't understand how you can throw out facts and post the mess you two do. tdn makes valid points as do I, but at this point you are trying to dig for a comeback.

brb.... Someone was murdered by a snowboard..... Uh oh... Guess we better put restrictions on those <------ Sense my sarcasm
Oops, I screwed that one up haha.

Oh well, it's not like it matters, the person I was directed it at would not have been swayed anyway.
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