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Colorado law is pretty clear on this one. Going through the trees and accessing a run that is closed is against the law. I've been popped on this one too. If the run is roped off from the usual access point than it's closed. End of story.

Yes there can be avalanche danger. Especially right now. Shit is so freakin' touchy. I've already set off several avalanches testing slopes from a safe spot at Bert. 5 to be exact. It didn't take much effort either. Not enough to bury a person, but you'd be dragged over rocks, logs, and such. Not fun.

So ducking ropes at resorts. Yes I do it when I ride resorts. I also know the terrain I am going after and have a good idea if it's risky or not. Lot's of places at Copper where the snow depth is the main issue right now. There are a few spots that can and do slide. This is very early season right now and the pack where it hasn't been controlled is touchy to say the least. I might duck a rope, but the reality is I'd probably just ride the rope line. It's thin, and one fall in the wrong spot could easily end your season. Even the backcountry I did at Bert, I opted to walk out of a spot where I usually ride, due to the thin snowpack. Not interested in being laid up while the snow is just getting good.

To each his own though. If you get caught by ski patrol your responses should be very apologetic. "Yes sir, I am sorry sir, I won't do it again sir" or Ma'am depending on who is busting your ass. Also it means you broke the golden rule. "Don't get caught". Which was your first mistake anyway.

Ski patrol would have been perfectly within their rights to take your pass. Don't forget that. Nothing you could have done.
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