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Originally Posted by Cane700 View Post
Man I'm getting hungry reading this thread. I'm a big fan of horseradish. The stronger the better. It doesn't go over well here in Chicago though. Usually when you ask for it at most places its weak. Usually means its old and lost its potency. The prime rib joints are the best places here to get fresh "burn your soul for eternity" horseradish.
I'm hungry...having grown up in the midwest, i.e., nebraska and eating cornfed stakes on the farm that the butcher did up....I have not had a proper stake since 1989 and moving to the pnw. Besides the farm...chi, kc, omaha are stake places...pnw is not stake PEROID. I'd recommend doing something white salmon, oysters, crab, halibut, tuna and won't get that in the midwest. I love a nice marbled crusty melt in your stake....but try some fresh seared crusty ahi and if you are supremely fortunate...white/albino salmon is not to be missed.
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